It’s no secret that talent can be hard to find. This is as true for new start-ups as it is for large corporations. But there are ways to make the process of finding top talent much easier. This post lists five of the reasons why some companies struggle to recruit top talent, along with solutions for each. 
So, you’ve got a great product or service that people want, but you can’t seem to find the right people to help you grown your business? Whether you’re an entrepreneur that’s just getting started, or you’ve been running your business for years, it’s likely you’ve felt like this at some point, and you’re not alone. Talent Acquisition is a critical part of business growth, but it can feel like a black hole, even for the savviest of businesses. It’s not always the most glamourous part of business, but it’s one that will play a key role its success. So where might you be struggling? 

1. You’re not sure who to target as an employer 

One of the challenges companies may face is not knowing where to find the right people. As an employer you need to have a good understanding of the type of people that will make your business successful. Who are they? What do they want? What are they looking for in an employer? You need to understand what motivates them, what their goals are, and how you can help them to achieve those goals. Armed with this information, it becomes easier to work out who is your target audience is and the more focussed your message is, the better chance you will have at connecting with potential employees. 

2. You’re not thinking long term 

Employers think they are struggling because they don’t have the right skills, or that they simply don’t know the right people. However often the reality is that they’re not thinking of the long-term. This seems like a simple fix, but it can make all the difference when it comes to bringing the right people into your business. 
Great people want to progress and develop in their careers, and they do so by staying with companies that support them. This can only be done if the company has a long-term mindset when it comes to people’s development and growth - not just of themselves but also those who work for you. If your company wants the best talent around, then you need an employee growth plan in place, so employees see your business as supportive of their success. Think about how these employees are going to progress over time and what is required from you right now (e.g., training) for them achieve these goals and aspirations. 

3. You don’t know what you really need 

When it comes to talent acquisition, you need to know what you’re trying to find and for what purpose. You need to know the qualities that make up your ideal candidate, like how long they’ve been in the industry or whether they have the right qualifications. But perhaps even more importantly, it is crucial that potential candidates also share the same values as the business, and that they are the right cultural fit. 
If you don't know the qualities that you're looking for, then it will be difficult or impossible to find the right person, not only for a specific role, but for the company as a whole. 

4. You are not offering competitive salaries or benefits 

Another key reason why you may be finding talent acquisition challenging is that you’re not offering competitive salaries or benefits. If you’re finding it hard to find the right people, it might be because you don’t offer a package that rivals your competitors. You may find that some of your employees are looking for jobs in other industries because they feel underpaid or overworked. Knowing what your competitors offer to candidates is vital information that can keep you one step ahead. Emphasising your company’s culture, brand and ethos is just as important as renumeration, and can be powerful in the recruitment process, often swaying a candidate one way or the other when faced with two offers. 
5. You haven't found the right recruitment partner 
Lastly, you simply may not be finding the right talent on your own. Talent acquisition is a process, and it doesn't happen overnight, and finding the right recruitment partner for you and your business is key. Using our Executive Search service, we aim to find the perfect march for both the job and the company, whether a candidate is actively looking or not. We're here to help you find new ways to find the talent you need to grow your company. Every client is unique, and that is why we customise our approach to fit your needs exactly. Whether it’s a single hire or multiple hires, we’ll sit down with you in person or on video conference, listen to your specific requests, and prepare a customized project plan. 
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