When searching for top talent, keeping the best candidates engaged throughout the entire recruitment process is key, and in streamlining the process you can reduce the risk of losing potential hires. It’s not just about having a great initial interview; you need to find ways to keep them interested throughout and avoid losing them to your competitors. 
In today’s job market, it’s even more of a challenge to attract and retain quality candidates, and unsurprisingly, research shows that applicants can be put off by drawn out applications. You need to make sure your hiring process is as efficient and engaging as possible. Here are our top tips for maintaining interest throughout the hiring process. 

1. Refining your search and selection process 

Before you even begin your search, you should have a very clear idea of what you are looking for in a candidate. This will automatically filter out those candidates who ultimately will not be a good fit. You should make sure you are as clear as possible about the role, the company and of what you expect from potential candidates. Taking a little extra time at the beginning of the search, and ensuring you are as specific as possible, is sure to save you time and frustration down the line. We recommend working with a recruitment agency that specialise in your field. They will already have a ‘little black book’ of top talent in your industry. 

2. Be honest about the role 

It may sound obvious, but in being open and honest about the role you are recruiting for is key. Candidates want to know why this role is important and how it contributes to an organisation, as well as future scope for progression. You don’t have to give away trade secrets, but if you can demonstrate the importance of the role within a company, you’ll help to build candidates’ interest. 

3. Showcase the Company’s Culture and Community 

Now more than ever the ‘softer’ benefits are drawing in top candidates more than just salary and job title alone. Candidates want to know they are joining an organisation with a sustainable and healthy culture. Companies that have a strong focus on creating an inclusive culture and a vibrant community will have a clear advantage over their competition. You can showcase company culture by including details about it in your job ad. Social media is also a great way to convey this, and by sharing information about your culture and community online, you can encourage candidates to participate in your online community. 

4. Maintain Regular Communication Throughout the Process 

Candidates are interested in hearing from you and will appreciate regular communication. Too often, hiring processes can be long-winded and protracted, and candidates lose interest or accept offers from elsewhere. If you can maintain regular communication, clear updates, or offer explanations for any unexpected delays, a candidate is more likely to hold out for your potential offer. By picking up the phone and checking in with your candidates you are also more likely to pick up on any warning signs that they may be losing interest or considering an alternative offer. 
5. Lead a Smooth Negotiation Process 
Most candidates will want to negotiate their salary. Make sure you have a clear strategy for how you will handle the negotiation. Once the candidate has accepted an offer, they’ll want to know what happens next. Make sure you are clear on your approach and communicate what happy if negotiations don’t work out. There’s nothing more frustrating than losing the ideal candidate at this stage! 
6. Be transparent about the hiring process from the get-go 
Again, it may sound obvious, but in the world of remote working, and less and less face-to-face engagement, communication is more important than ever. Being upfront and clear on the whole process from the beginning will help set expectations and make the overall experience much smoother. Providing regular updates on where you are in the process, and about what happens next will help to keep your candidate engaged and reassured. 
The hiring process can be a challenge; however, these top tips should help to avoid unnecessary delays, and ultimately assist in securing the right hire for your business. With the right strategies in place, and by partnering with a specialised agency who understand both your company’s specific needs as well as your industry, hiring new employees can be a much faster and streamlined process. 
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