It is no secret that the world of recruitment has changed, and that it will continue to change. With new ways of working post-pandemic, employees are looking for more diverse benefits beyond salary, and with fast-moving developments in technology it is crucial for recruiters to keep up. In the UK the challenge has been exacerbated by Brexit. One thing is certain though, businesses will continue to recruit, and the industry will grow in 2022 and beyond. 
With our world moving at such a fast pace, so are we, and so are our clients. Now more than ever the recruitment industry needs to up its game when finding the right fit for both employers and employees. Day to day candidates’ ‘why’s’ are changing, their values hold strong, and work-life balance is more important than ever before. A candidate’s motivation for accepting, or indeed declining a role has shifted, moving the goalposts for recruiters, sometimes daily. 
Gone are the days when large corporations held the ace card in recruitment, with more candidates turning towards smaller, often more agile firms that are responding faster to their employees needs. 
From a CV led process to one focused on the candidate, companies are not just recruiting based on skillset, but for the right cultural fit too. 

So how did we get here? 

With a more connected society we must fundamentally change our approach to recruitment, using technology and social media as key tools in finding a successful fit for both parties. By continuing to use data more effectively, it enables agencies to make smarter decisions that place value on both sides of the relationship; employers will be able to accommodate skill shortages faster in their workforce, and candidates can gain access to exciting new roles they may not have previously considered. With these new ways of working comes a greater need for transparency too. 
Organisations of all sizes are always looking for ways to recruit the best candidates. A few simple adjustments can help recruiters get ahead of the competition and secure new candidates before they move on. From day one, potential employees have already formed opinions about you, your business, and its credibility- so it pays off if they go into a process with high expectations set by the recruiter alone. It is crucial that quick decisions be made when possible; this will keep the candidate excited throughout the process as well as make them eager to join a client's organisation, not only because the employers are great people but because the recruiter is too! Too often agencies lose out on top talent for their lack of timely dealings with applicants-- especially those who are offered something better elsewhere. Culture, brand, and reputation are paramount to attracting highly skilled talent in the market.  
As previously mentioned, candidates don’t make their decisions of who to work for based solely on salary, the full package is considered, and the decision-making process begins from the minute the candidate starts the recruitment process. It is important for them to feel like they have a future where they can see themselves being part of a successful business. The interview is one of the major influencing factors for a candidate deciding if they wish to work at a company and as a recruiter it is important that you first fully understand the company culture and that it is explained to the candidate in the interview. Often, recruiters don’t sell their organisation enough and expect the candidate to be excited about an opportunity based on reading a job spec and answering interview questions. 
Today we have a simple mission: to offer the very best services in our field. We never settle for second best, and always have your satisfaction as our top priority. It’s who we are, and we are proud of it. We are here to listen, work with you, support you and prepare a customized project plan to place the right people into the right roles via our unique and tailored services. 
Today's market requires an agile and people focussed approach, and with exceptional industry knowledge that cannot be matched by other agencies. We take a different attitude towards recruitment, and by utilising our wide network of contacts, we are able to effectively match the world’s top performers with executive roles in exciting and successful businesses. 

Where are we headed? 

In 2022 the recruitment industry will continue to grow and in turn businesses will look for different ways to find their perfect candidate. Recruiters will need to find creative ways in which they can offer value beyond salary in order to maintain their position as trusted advisor. 
Here at Tarn International we are always looking for new and innovative ways source and place the very best candidates for our clients. We are not just a recruitment agency; we work with you to ensure your business has the people it needs to succeed. 
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