In the world of recruitment, success can be measured in many different ways. Some recruiters are able to find more job openings than there are people who want the roles, and others are able to attract top talent and get them to accept their offers. 
Some recruiters are even able to land a job offer every time they reach out to a potential client and candidate. If you’re looking for a definition of what makes a successful recruiter, you’ll struggle. There are a lot of variables that come into play to successfully place a candidate, and it really is down to skill and not luck. 

What makes a successful recruiter? 

In order to be successful, you’ll need to understand the variables that come into play when recruiting. Market Knowledge, Network and Candidate Management are among the key skills required to do well. Successful recruiters are able to balance all of these responsibilities in equal measure to secure both candidates as well as clients. 


As we’ve already discussed, there is no set formula for success in recruitment. However, recruiters are able to employ a number of skills to help them secure positions. Recruitment is an art, not a science. It’s more about finding the right fit than it is about getting every hire right based on a CV. Top recruiters are able to search for new opportunities while also targeting the right talent. They’re also able to present themselves and their clients in the best possible light, securing the deal so to speak. 


High quality recruiters will already have a talent pool to choose from as well as having access to a network of contacts with access to multiple opportunities. Networking is a key skill for all businesses, but it’s particularly important for professionals in the recruitment field. It’s natural to want to keep your head-hunting efforts as discrete as possible, but by engaging with the right people at the right time, successful recruiters are able to find opportunities that others have missed. Whether it’s in house or an agency, networking is a vital skill for all recruiters. 

Candidate Management 

Recruiters are responsible for the process of finding candidates, securing clients, and matching the right people with the right role and company. The process can become protracted, and you run the risk of losing top candidates if you don’t act swiftly, sealing the deal efficiently. Finding the right candidates is the first step, but the process doesn’t end there, you need to stay in touch with your clients, letting them know where you are in the process and what they can expect next. By managing the process effectively from the first point of contact through to the offer, acceptance and beyond, skilled recruiters will take the advantage. Making sure that communication is open throughout, that you have a clear understanding of your client’s needs, and a smooth process in place will go a long way towards achieving these goals. 
A common misconception is that recruiters rely on luck when matching candidates to roles. In actual fact it is hard work and expertise that ‘create’ that ‘luck’. By building an excellent reputation in your field, knowing your both your market and the industries top players, clients can be signed and candidates place, there really is no luck involved. By doing so, you’ll stay ahead of the curve and continue to stand out as an expert in your field. 
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