Recruitment is a never-ending process to keep the right people coming into a company. While it’s exciting to fill new roles and bring in new team members, it is a challenge to find the right people. Recruitment is an expensive process, and it is crucial that your clients value your time and expertise. 
Rarely will you send your terms of business over to a client, and they'll sign them without question. In reality, it's the exception rather than the rule, particularly when recruiting for more senior roles, clients may challenge your fees, not fully appreciating the time, effort and skill that goes into finding top talent. In this blog we share our top three reasons why you shouldn’t lower your recruitment fee. 

You can’t replace quality 

Let your client know that you go above and beyond for their needs, and stand your ground on that fee. As we all know, recruitment is so much more than handing over a pile of CVs. By providing exceptional service, the right contacts, and a skilful technique you can set yourself apart from the competition. Show your client that you’re not just offering a high quality service, but that you also deliver high quality results. 

You may lose out on top talent 

As the saying goes, ‘your network is your net-worth’. It is impossible to put a price on your contacts. By tapping into your unique, and hard 'earned' pool of talent, you are more than worth your fee, and must remember the value you bring to your client. As you well know, establishing a talent pool of highly sought-after candidates is no mean feat and often takes years. Knowing your sector, your clients’ competitors and the industry’s top performers doesn’t happen overnight and should never be under-valued. It is down to you to make sure your client understands this. Always highlight your experience and differentiate yourself from other recruiters. 

You get what you pay for 

Investing in the right people is key. Your client may well claim that other agencies charge less, but do they have the right connections? Surely your client doesn’t want to waste their hard-earned cash recruiting the wrong candidate, only to be re-recruiting a couple of months down the line when it doesn’t work out? If your client wants to find the best person for both the role and company, they will have to pay a competitive rate, understanding the hours, skill and effort that go in to finding the right candidate, building a rapport, managing both the offer and acceptance process and more. Your client isn't just paying you for the work that you're doing for them, they are paying for your experience and expertise. 

Summing up 

The method a company uses to hire talent is key, and lowering the recruitment budget is not the best decision. A recruiter’s fee should reflect the amount of time and effort put into the process, as well as their often priceless network. A low recruitment fee may result in a high turnover rate, which can burden a company with more hiring costs in the long run. Recruitment is a never-ending process for a company, and it is important to find people who are passionate about the business and share the company’s values and goals. When it comes to recruitment, you really do get what you pay for. 
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