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Multiple industry focused references available upon request 

CONTINGENCY Recruitment Services 

Tarn International Ltd has a very wide network of contacts to support you in searching for top talent to join your company and may already know of someone suitable. 
This is a contingent model and payable only of successful payment, this does not include headhunting services or video talent dashboard. 
Payable 100% upon candidate placement. 

EXECUTIVE Search Services 

How it works 
An employer will approach an executive search agency with a need for senior or highly-skilled talent, usually granting the agency exclusive rights to work on the placement. 
Once the requirements are outlined, the executive search firm will identify a long list of potential candidates who may be able to meet the criteria listed by the client. In some cases, more than 150 potential candidates will be identified – although in some cases, the list may be far shorter. 
Some targeted individuals may not be on the job market but would be open if they were approached for the right role. It is a widely known fact that those that are most suitable are generally not looking to move and will need to be approached massively by a specialist agency for an open conversation. 
Retained executive search firms follow a research methodology designed to identify all the potential candidates for a role. This doesn’t just mean a quick search of Linkedin. Unquestionably, Linkedin Recruiter will play a part, but a broader combination of online research, telephone sourcing and old-fashioned networking will all in practice. 
An experienced head-hunter may also have access to a significant internal database containing information that is not more widely available internally or with a continent agency. 
Executive search recruiters usually work on a retained basis whether this is monthly or in three installments. 
The executive search agency is paid an upfront retainer (usually 1/3) which covers unlimited hours of headhunting before receiving additional payment (2/3) once the shortlist is produced and the final (3/3) fee is invoiced upon the start date of the successful candidate. 
The final cost could be between 22- 30% of the candidate’s remunerative annual salary depending on the requirements. 
The first installment (1/3) is non-refundable and covers the agency's time approaching the network on the behalf of the client. 

Candidate Introductions 

Exclusive support in finding a new role - usually at C Level. Tarn International Ltd is happy to support with making introductions. 
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